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Full Day & Night Sky relaxation package

22 hours of noozing with exclusive private wellness experiences and a unique overnight stay

An ultimate relaxation of 22 hours with an overnight stay in absolute privacy and an instant holiday feeling thanks to the amazing skyline: the marinas, the MAS museum, the city of Antwerp and the Scheldt. Enjoy every minute: 100% quality time! Go on a journey filled with exclusive private wellness experiences in a private setting without any time limits.

What is included?

  • SkySleeping – Much more that sleeping in the highest Royal SkySuite of Antwerp.
  • SkyLounge (unlimited use in the evening) - Private moments with loved ones. You can choose: in the SkyCubes near the window with a view of the amazing  skyline, in the cosy NoozChair near the fire place or in your beautiful Nooz Around-lounge bed.
  • SkySuite – A unique wellness suite on the 21st floor with a shower experience (with a view of the MAS museum), Duo Jacuzzi, SkyHamam with a 270° view, private relaxing lounge, massage cocoon, private dinner space, private cinema, colors according to your expectations, air-conditioning, minibar, coffee, tea, ...
  • Beverages – Your options: 0,75 l Prosecco or 0,75 l wine Chβteau Ricardelle (red, rosι or white) with a unique jacket or biological fruit juices.
  • Welcome service – Everything will be prepared: your favorite music and colors, some snacks so you can enjoy your experience from the moment you arrive.
  • Colors according to your expectations – Change the color of the penthouse with a single button. You can pick any color, as many times as you want to.
  • Private Cinema – The best image & sound system with a gigantic screen, and a unique lounge bed. Use the Nooz-app on our iPad to control everything.
  • SkySauna (unlimited use in the evening) – A unique private sauna with an amazing view of the skyline. Your options: infrared or hot air, on a spacious and luxurious 'sauna-bed', delicious perfumes, automatic sessions and sublime sounds.
  • SkyBath (unlimited use in the evening) – An extraordinary outdoor bath at a height of 70m with a view of the 'Museum Aan de Stroom' (MAS) and the marina.
  • SkyJacuzzi – An extraordinary Duo Jacuzzi with a sublime view of the unforgettable skyline (the harbor, the famous 'Havenhuis'), hot water and your favorite music and colors.
  • Exclusive shower experience – Mega Duo shower with sublime sounds and colors and an amazing view of the MAS museum and the marinas.
  • SkyHamam – An exclusive private steam bath filled with extras for all your senses: delicious perfumes, sublime sounds and a private view on the MAS museum and the marina.
  • Minibar - 100% pure fruit juices, water, coke, bier and unlimited use of coffee and tea.
  • Wellness package – A soft dressing gown and comfortable Nooz slippers everyone.
  • Towel package – Fresh fluffy towels you can use.
  • Hygienic package – shower gel, bodylotion, shampoo, tissues, dryer, etc.
  • Nooz slippers – You can take them home.


How long and when?

  • Your options: 22 hours, 46 hours or more … a watch is not needed.
  • The earliest arrival time is 14.30 o'clock. The latest departure time is 12 o'clock.
  • Only by appointment.

How many people? 

  • 2 - 6 people  - with your partner, another couples, friends, family, ...



Nooz will provide everything so you only need to bring your personal hygienic products.

  • Arrival Monday until Thursday (without holidays):
    352 euros/pp
    4 of more people? Free use of the Skylounge, the SkyBath and the SkySauna in the morning. 

  • Arrival on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, official holidays, Christmas holiday, a long weekend or Valentine (arrival or departure): 
    425 euros/pp.
    4 of more people? Free use of the Skylounge, the SkyBath and the SkySauna in the morning. 


  • Don't having to find a parking spot and the entrance to SkyNooz? Add our Private Parking service.
  • Enjoy a unique synchronized Duo Massage Lounge experience on the 21st floor in your private SkySuite, the best experience ever according to our guests!
  • Add the 'premium' packages to complete your SkyNooz relaxation.


Add extra services to your relaxation package?

  • SkyLounge in the morning - 85 euros/pp all-in (week) or 102 euro/pp (weekend, official holidays). 4 of more people? It's free!
    Unlimited use in the evening and in the morning of the Skybath, the SkySauna, the amazing private cinema experience, the SkyCubes an the beautiful Nooz Around-lounge bed.

  • Panoramic Brunch - 25 euros/pp all-in 
    An exclusive private breakfast in a Royal SkySuite with a sublime view, your favorite music and 100% quality time for each other.

  • Private Dinner in the sky service – 55 euros/pp all-in 
    A meal at a private and luxurious location, with an unforgettable view, your favorite colors and the best sound system ever. Everything will be prepare in advance : a nice table and all meals, soft drinks and other beverages will be in your fridge. Unlimited us of the trendy coffee machine for coffee, tea, espresso, latte macchiato or a delicious cappuccino. Leave the dishes … your butler will clean up when you have left. 

  • PrivateParking with valet service -  25 euros/pp all-in (week) or 30 euro/pp all-in (weekend, official holidays)
    A personal parking spot with a butler who guides you to the entrance of your SkyNooz Penthouse on the 21st floor.
  • DuoMassage Lounge - 95 euros/pp all-in(week) or 112 euros/pp all-in (weekend, official holidays)
    A marvelous synchronized duo massage in a luxurious private setting with your favorite colors and an amazing sound. Go on a unique journey filled with perfumes and sounds (DarkEye) and continue relaxing on the massage table... The best experience ever according to our guests!

  • Ultimate Body Wash Ritual – 50 euros/pp all-in (week) or 60 euros/pp all-in (weekend, official holidays)
    A refreshing and original bathing ritual. Start your day with a scrubbing session to get a fresh skin ... and a nice mood.

  • Personal message - 18 euros
    Send us your message by e-mail and we'll display your personal message as a surprise during your Nooz experience.
  • Personal film - 20 euros
    Your favorite film will be ready in the Movie Store of your AppleTV.

  • Personal song - 20 euros
    Our high-end sound system will play your favorite song when you arrive.
  • Personal dessert
    Send us a photo and we will surprise you with a personalized cake, according to your expectations and budget.

  • Personal flowers
    We can decorate the penthouse with flowers. Send us your wishes (type of flowers, colors, budget).

  • Rose leafs service
    Do you want letters of another configuration in rose leafs? Send us your wishes and we'll prepare a beautiful surprise. 

  • Extra beverages
    Some champagne (90 euros), a bottle of sparkling wine (30 euros) or the unique Nooz wine (rosι 22 euro, red 29 euro, white 21 euro)? Let us know and your butler will take care of it. 

  • Special wishes?
    Let us know in advance. We'll do our best to realize them.



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